White Fly

18inches long (48cm) by 15 inches wide (38cm).  Stands 5 inches (13cm) high

2.1 Kilograms (4.63 lbs.)

Materials Used:
Epoxy resin over a copper and steel support structure. It has been spray painted stark glossy white.

Techniques Used:
Hand moulded/sculpted, applied epoxy, spray painted.

It is intended to represent a “house fly” (Musca domestica).

It has been scaled up 60 times to exaggerate a common house fly.

What the artist is trying to say:
Two years ago I was traveling in the Highlands of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with John Dory a First Nations friend of mine. As we passed an encampment of white men, he explained to me that First Nations people refer to “White Men” as “White Flies”.

It occurred to me that “White Flys” is an excellent name for white people. If something exists on planet earth, the white man has to control it, alter it, and ultimately, commercialize it. Furthermore, there are billions of us “white flies” multiplying exponentially which may ultimately cause the next Mass Extinction on our wonderful planet earth

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