Unlikely Encounter

Fisherman is 2meters (6foot 6inches) tall, and and Codfish is 2.5meters (8feet) tall.


Materials Used:
Both sculptures are carved from live red spruce trees.  They are preserved with petroleum paraffin, and polychromed with acrylic paint.   Each has been sprayed with clear acrylic lacquer.

Techniques Used:
The forms were roughed out with a chainsaw and detailed with various gouges, edge tools, and sanding disks.

My father-in-law wanted me to sculpt two large spruce trees at his cottage at Aylesford Lake, Kings County, NS.   Since he descends from a fishing heritage in Lunenburg County, I suggested the idea of an old fisherman looking shocked and astonished at seeing a gigantic codfish heading underground at a lake sequestered deep in the forest.   

What the artist is trying to say:

The two sculptures illustrate a metaphor of the disappearance of the gigantic codfish that used to inhabit the North Atlantic Ocean and the men that once caught them.  
A way of life and an amazing resource both destroyed by human greed and technology.  

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