Universal Anagogy

Gifted to Acadia University, Department of Physics.

Universal Anagogy is 8 separate pieces of sculpture variously 0.6 - 1.5 meters (2 - 5 feet) in their longest dimension.

Variously 8 to 165 Kilograms (18 to 365 pounds).

Materials Used:
Black, fiber reinforced polyester resin coating, over carved elm wood.

Techniques Used:
Carved elm wood was covered with fiber reinforced polyester resin to insure long-term durability.

Eight imaginary polymorphous forms were shaped to resemble potential manifestations of “Dark Matter” and “Black Holes”.

What the artist is trying to say:

The word “anagogy” simply put, means “leap of faith”. These pieces of sculpture were created to inspire physical and spiritual contemplation. Our “Human Condition” is largely influenced by conjecture, or opinions and conclusions based on incomplete information. In science, this concept applies as UNPROVEN mathematical and scientific theories. In the spiritual realm this concept applies as religion.

Hopefully, these sculptures will inspire metaphysical debate and intellectual speculation. My aim is to point out that human consciousness can NOT know the UNKNOWABLE.

Why can not these sculptures represent the possible form of “Black Holes” or the whole “Universe”. Suppose matter implodes on itself asymmetrically. What would it look like? If our “Universe” is eternal, why can’t these sculpted forms evolve at some point?
Is it not the duty of science to be perpetually inquisitive?

I submitted the poem below to a poetry competition. It did not win.

The universe,
Blissful and ignorant of humanity,
Indifferent to human existence,
Science, History, Religion,
The Laureat’s ostentation,
The Newborn’s gurgle,
Are as one,
The throbbing cosmos,
Crushing eons into eternity,
God must bow to the Agnostic’s wisdom,
And oblivion waits…

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