The Bull Atlantic Salmon piece is 6 feet (1.83meters) long. The pectoral fins extend to 18 inches (0.46 meters) laterally, and the top of the dorsal fin is 19 inches(0.48 meters) high.

The piece weighs 63 pounds (28.58 kilograms).

Materials Used:
The sculpture is made of polyester resin over a polystyrene core. All fins are made of 1/8" (3.17mm) hammered nickel-aluminum bronze plate. The whole is painted with acrylic lacquer paint. The eyes are hand painted glass beads.

Techniques Used:
Expanded polystyrene foam was laminated to form the core of the sculpture. Various rasps, rifflers, and heat were used to shape the core. Then the roughly shaped core was wrapped with open mesh tape to provide a firm support for the application of polyester resin. The cured resin was faired with various abrasive techniques to result in a smooth surface. Subsequently, holes were drilled in appropriate places to receive the shaped and hammered bronze fins that were secured with polyurethane cement. Final details were carved into the sculpture followed by several coats of gray primer. The finish color coats were sprayed on and sealed with clear coat lacquer. Eye sockets were drilled and the hand painted eyes were set in clear silicone.  

This commission piece of sculpture was conceived as a testament to the giant Bull Atlantic Salmon that one hundred plus years ago frequented the rivers of our beloved Nova Scotia. Humanity, with its greed, pollution, and destruction of habitat have managed to obliterate them, perhaps forever.   

What the artist is trying to say:
An accurate, life-sized specimen, of a Bull Atlantic Salmon pays homage to a noble and majestic creature that once shared our planet.   

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