Bull Rampant

1.47m (4’ 10” )Long from tail to horn tips.  It stands 1.2 m (45”) high.

45 Kg (99 pounds)

Materials Used:
Copper armature supporting epoxy resin, and painted with bronze acrylic lacquer.

Techniques Used:
Copper piping was used to make a framework to receive successive small batches of catalyzed epoxy resin. The whole was then spray painted with acrylic lacquer, yielding a cast bronze finish with a livered sulphur patina.

Borrowing from the time honored traditions of heraldry, I conceived a stock market Bull Rampant, instead of a lion or horse rampant.   After many sketches and three dimensional terra cotta trials, a satisfactory form was developed.

What the artist is trying to say:
The Bull and Bear are generally used to characterize ups and downs in stock market trends around the world. According to my research, the origin of these terms is unclear. The expression on the face of my bull sculpture is neither fierce nor friendly, but  is intended to evoke determination and defiance.  I have tried to create a conceptual sculpture that expresses an intellectual idea extant in the world of finance.

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