Bronze Door Handles & Letters

Door handles are 40cms high x 45cms across.  
Letters are 16cms high.  

Door handles weigh approximately 3kgs each.

Materials Used:
The door handles and letters are made exclusively of “hand-forged” manganese bronze plate 3.5mm thick.  

Techniques Used:
The door handles are comprised of three layers of 3.5mm thick manganese bronze plate.  These layers were “hand-forged” with heat and various hammers. Then they were fused together using “tungsten inert gas” welding.   

The letters are made of “hand-forged” one thickness of 3.5mm manganese bronze plate.   

I was commissioned by Ross McNeil, owner of Dugger’s Menswear on Spring Garden Road in Halifax, NS to create door handles for their new store.  Paul Thibault, the consulting designer, wanted antiqued bronze for effect.  After making the handles and letters I “patinated” them using a propane torch and the judicious application of sea water till the desired level of tarnishing was achieved.  The constant customer traffic will keep the door handles perfectly polished.   Ross was pleased with the results, and the whole affair was a happy arrangement.  

What the artist is trying to say:

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